Resurgence - Originally printed in 1928, most Silver...


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Originally printed in 1928, most Silver Certificates were low denominations (Key Example: Pics) These are 4 in a set for 1953 Series, which include A/B/C/D.

Why Small Denominations? Back then the value of a dollar was much higher than it is today. You could buy snacks,drink & a magazine with a dollar. The Silver Certificate took a change to a new “modern” look in 1953 when they were re-printed.

The use of SC’s did not limit it to general purchases. One could take these SC’s and trade them in for actual silver, at that time. One neat piece of info, The exchange of SC’s for actual silver was stopped on June 24th 1968, Same Day and Month I was born just different Year. Shortly after, the U.S. gov started selling the remaining SC’s to collectors.

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